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We are experts in metaverse investment and finance, offering our partners the possibility to invest in collaborative private investment pools.



Finance experts and advisors provide security to our partners by screening and selecting the best investment opportunities.


The Company

Since 2010 we are operanting with the same system and currently we are working in 133 countries around the Wold with thousands of customers.

You Are Not Alone

Goldbex Club

The Metaverse offers endless investment opportunities today. Millions of people around the world invest in virtual real estate, digital art, NFTs, etc. on a daily basis. The Metaverse is expected to generate trillions of dollars in the coming years. Below, we recommend some investments selected by our team of experts.

Smart Contracts

Blockchain allows us to invest in smart contracts and earn passive income by investing in different participatory pools of decentralised finance.

Buying and selling digital land on metaverses as well as investing in crypto-art is a wonderful financial opportunity offered by 21st century business, which it would be unwise to miss.
We recommend Empower NFT, a Smart Contract that generates 0.7% per day in passive form.

Join the community

Learn about the best investment opportunities in the Metaverse.

Join our community today for a fee of just €19/year and get access to our private channel for Blockchain and Metaverse.

Receive support and help from the community and many other benefits for joining the Empower Hook annual membership.

More Information

If you still have questions and would like to learn more about how the club works and our investment portfolio, please contact our support email.

More advantages

More than a Club

Millions of people lose out on their cryptocurrency investments due to lack of advice or training. Our partners count on Goldbex Club with both sources of knowledge.

Training and more

Access our educational platform for only €50/month with a library of thousands of courses and audiobooks.

We also have our private TV channel and meetings with experts in blockchain finance and Metaverse.

Plus with our affiliate programme you can receive €25/month for every new member you refer to the club.

Private Meetings

We schedule a weekly schedule full of activities for our partners.

Our experts doinformative zooms and trainings high-interest articles discussing the various blockchain investment opportunities selected by our experts.

Goldbex TV

All our members can enjoy the TV channel Goldbex TV Premium.

This is a private, members-only channel that broadcasts financial literacy programmes, investment opportunities and blockchain training and education.


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